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about us

Seray Textile Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti. Mr. It was established in 1990 in Bursa by Fariz ERDEMIR. While it was a small-scale weaving factory since 1985, it has grown every year, specializing in the production and sales of shirting fabrics, and has become one of the leading shirting fabric manufacturers in Turkey.

As of today; We are proud of taking a privileged place in the sector with our polyester cotton blended shirting fabric weaving production capacity of approximately 1,000,000 meters per month and 12,000,000 annually, which we produce in a closed area of 30,000 m2 at first quality and world standards.

In our own dyehouse next to our weaving factory, our fabrics are dyed, washed, finished, gauze, sanforized, calender etc. using the latest technology machines. processed and offered for sale. In the yarn and dye chemicals we use in fabric production, materials that do not harm the environment and human health and comply with international quality standards are used.

Our company is one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to classic pattern shirting fabric in Turkey. In our factory, 1st class quality fabrics are in classical patterns; Millions of meters of fabric are produced in thousands of colors with hundreds of patterns, in dobby, striped, plaid, oxford, chambre grades and are stocked ready for sale. The fabrics produced from the existing patterns in our collections, which change seasonally, are always available in our stocks, thus responding to the instant demands of our customers. We are a company that sees by experience that stock-based work is one of the most important conditions of customer satisfaction. Our company, which has an extremely wide product range with its special, high quality and innovative production approach, is always at the disposal of our valued customers.

Our primary goal is to offer our defect-free fabrics, the quality of which is constantly controlled, to our valued customers, at competitive prices. Reliability and continuity are among our main principles. "Our reputation is more valuable than our money" has always been our motto.

The products available in our collection are constantly available in our modern equipped factory and warehouses and are ready for sale. The fabrics we produce are attracting increasing interest both in the domestic market and in foreign markets, and our exports are generally to European countries; England, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania etc. and in addition to these, it is exported to Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Our goal is to create a world brand by producing in our country and growing continuously.

For more information requests and orders: seraytekstil@seraytekstil.com.tr  You can contact us with our e-mail address or visit our company at the address below.

Seray Textile Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti.,

Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, Menekşe Sokak No:1 Bursa / Turkey

Tel: 0090 224 261 3504-05-06 Fax: 0090 224 261 3507

E-mail: seraytekstil@seraytekstil.com.tr   – Website: www.seraytekstil.com.tr

37 Years of Experience